There was almost a sensation in Salzburg. “Bayern”, which is traditionally referred to as the favorites of the Champions League, barely escaped defeat.

The course of the match was calculated even before it started. Of course, “Bayern” played from the position, owning more and trying to get into a shock position. Even before the break, Julian Nagelsmann’s wards struck nine shots at the Austrians’ goal, three of which hit the target. But it was the hosts who opened the scoring. At the 21th minute, the Salzburg players took the ball from their own penalty area, in the blink of an eye they delivered it to the opponent’s goal, and the substitute Adamu did not miss his chance – 1:0.

In the second half, Bayern increased the pressure and moved almost the entire game closer to Salzburg’s penalty area. And again, the scenario of the first half almost repeated itself. This time the guests were rescued by Pavard, who repelled the ball, which was already flying into the empty gates of Munich. Who knows, if Salzburg scored the second ball, how the game would have turned out, both in this match and in the two-round confrontation as a whole.

But Bayern breathed a sigh of relief, and on the 78 minute equalized the score. A banal, by and large, throw into the penalty area, where Muller won the riding duel, and Coman, ahead of the defender, sent the ball into the net – 1:1. there are no more European competitions, therefore, in the return game in Munich, the teams will start, in fact, from the beginning.

2021-, League Champions. Round of 16.

Salzburg 1-1 Bayern (1:0)
Goals: Adamu Ch., 21 (10); Koman K., 78 (1 : 1)
Salzburg: Koechn; Weber M.; Sole; Christensen R.; Ulmer; Sejwald N. (Sucic, 80); Kamara Moh.; Capaldo; Okafor (Adam Ch., ); Eronson; Adeyemi K. (Kjergaard, 87)

Bayern: Ulreich; Zule; Pawar; Hernandez L-F.; Gnabry (Chupo-Moting, 78); Kimmich; Coman K.; Sane L.; Tolisso (Zabitzer, 21); Muller; Lewandowski R.

Warnings: – Koman K.,

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