Чемпион Польши разгромил Днепр-1

Another rival of the Dnieper- 1st at the training camp in Turkey was the current champion of Poland, who went into the winter break in fourth place in the national championship, and last fall took last place in the group round of the Europa League – Rakow from Czestochowa, reports the official website of the Ukrainian club.

Exactly a year ago the teams already met in sparring in Turkey, and then the Polish club won with a score of 3:1 (Tankovsky scored in the Dnipro team).

Poles They opened the scoring already in the opening of the match, when Krnach was brought out to play with Kinareikin and forward Rakuva tipped the ball over from behind the goalkeeper. Soon Jehan scored after a corner kick. Dnepr-1 carried out an attack with the participation of Filippov, Babenko and Rubchinsky and Sarapiy scored from the latter’s pass. But just before the break, Novak hit the Dnipro goal with a shot from outside the penalty area. After the break, Raków earned a penalty, but Volynets parried Tudor’s shot from the 12-meter mark . However, Novak soon scored a double and defeated Dnepr-1 – 4:1.

Test match

Dnepr-1 – Rakow – 1:4 (1:3)


Krnac, 4 (0:1), Jehan, 17 (0:2), Sarapiy, 37 (1:2), Novak, 44 (1:3), Novak, 69 (1:4)

Composition Dnepra-1: 12.Kinareikin (1.Volynets,57), .Miroshnichenko (. Kravets, 57), 5. Sarapiy (6. Gorin, 46, 5.Sarapy,65), 39.Matchmaker (cap) (12.Tank,46, 11.Miroshnichenko, 57), 3.Adamyuk, 37.Pasich, 22.Babenko (44.Badenko, 57), 22.Rubchinsky (88.Melnichenko,46), 8.Pikhalenok (. Gadzhiev, 57), 9. Gutsulyak (31.Kivinda.57) 7. Filippov


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