Qualification in group C, where the national team of Ukraine plays, started with a match of favorites. Italy hosted England in Naples.

The guests unequivocally left the first half. In the 12th minute, Belingham fired a powerful shot from outside the box, but Donnarumma reached for the ball and moved it to angular. But this only delayed the goal against the hosts. After a corner, the ball flew over everyone and ended up at Kane, whose shot was blocked by Spinazzola. But the rebound to Rice proved fatal. Declan calmly shot the gate – 0:1.

At the end of the first half, another corner helped the British. In the struggle between Kane and Di Lorenzo, the ball hit the hand of the Italian and the referee, with the help of VAR, pointed to the penalty mark three minutes later. Kane himself took the penalty perfectly, shooting into the right corner, while Donnarumma flew into the opposite corner – 0:2.

Grealish had to bury all the hopes of the Italians in stoppage time for the first half, but after Keina did not hit an empty net, playing not for efficiency, but for showiness, which had no consequences.

After the break, the teams seemed to switch roles. We did not see England attack again, while Italy was eager to avoid defeat. Quite quickly, at the 12-th minute the hosts scored one goal. Retegi after a perfect pass Pelegrini shot past Pickford – 1:2. two minutes managed to earn Shaw and left England in the minority. But the Italians for 12 plus five compensated minutes failed to create a single chance to escape defeat. As a result, the British return home with three points, where on Sunday they are waiting for the Ukrainian national team at Wembley.

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