Нива Бузова определяется

Ukrainian First League Club Niva Buzova decides to cease to exist. Journalist Vladimir Zverov shared this information in his Telegram channel.

“According to my information, the club ceases its activities during the war. According to Niva head coach Igor Zhabchenko, club president Oktay Efendiyev is not averse to resuming the club’s activities after the war, after the victory. And “now he plans to allocate more funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” writes Zverov.

Based on the results of the first stage of the First League, Niva Buzova entered the top ten teams that will compete for tickets to the UPL in the spring. If information about the cessation of activity is confirmed, the PFL will have to make a decision either to fill the vacancy (it is not clear on what basis) or to hold a tournament for entry into the UPL in a truncated format.

At the professional level, Niva Buzova plays with 2022, in one season moving from the Second League to the First.


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