Динамо слегка наказано

Control and Disciplinary Committee The UAF fined Dynamo Kiev for failing to comply with the rule of mandatory post-match interviews.

The acting head coach of the Kiev team, Alexander Shovkovsky, after the match with Krivbass, refused to give a flash interview, which is a violation of the regulations and is punishable by disciplinary sanctions against the club. In the comments to this incident, Dynamo explained that after the match. Shovkovsky held a press conference as expected. The YouTube channel of Krivbass tried to conduct a flash interview, which, as the people of Kiev noted, is not the official broadcaster of UPL matches – so it was refused.

Dynamo.kiev.ua learned the size of this fine from its sources. It is reported that it amounted to only 5 thousand hryvnia.


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