The American Football Association (USSF) wants to pay equally to the women’s and men’s national team players in the future. The federation has offered the two unions of women (USWNT) and men (USMNT) the same contract proposals to move closer the unification of national teams of men and women into a single collective bargaining structure. This was announced by the USSF on Tuesday.

A revenue-sharing structure is proposed that allows all parties to have the same opportunity to invest in the future of American football. With the approval of both sides, the association also wants to equalize the prize money at the FIFA World Championships for women and men.

American women, led by American team star Megan Rapino, called for equal pay. ” there are millions of people in the world who are marginalized because of their gender and experience the same in their work, “said 36 – year old Rapino.

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