The head coach of the Ukrainian national team commented on the defeat of his team in the control match against the Poles (1:3).

— Our team did not lose for a long time. Can this defeat have any psychological impact?

– I believe that we play friendly matches in order to make them errors. Football has many components. We lost in the fight, on set pieces. I don’t think this game should be viewed only from a negative point of view. There were good moments, we tried to bounce back. This is very important information for us before the Euro.

— How would you comment on Taras Romanchuk’s goal?

– I am pleased that the Ukrainian plays for the Polish national team. I’ve only been working in the national team for a year, I haven’t seen this player, I can’t say anything. I am very happy for him, because he is a Ukrainian player.

— How would you comment on the game of the Polish national team?

— It’s worth asking your coach about your game. This is an interesting sparring for you, you won, these are important emotions before the Euro. But I will not evaluate the game of the Polish national team.

— Don’t you think that the game of the Ukrainian national team was too aggressive, despite the friendly status of the match?

– Why was she too aggressive? Only at the end of the meeting there was an episode when Sergei Sidorchuk crashed into his opponent in a fight. I didn’t see any aggression from either team. It was a very important sparring, the players tried to show their best qualities in front of the coaches.

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