Press conference of the head coach of FC Mariupol Ostap Markevich after the 1/8 final match of the Ukrainian Cup with Dynamo (1: 2).

– In my opinion, everything lies in the field of psychology. Today is just a very vivid example of this aspect. Self-confidence is the hallmark of class. The team must show its best qualities, its potential from the very beginning of the game. We know about the capabilities of our players, it is only necessary that the guys believe in themselves and realize their potential. You need to believe in yourself and from the first minute on the field to play without trembling and fear. You need to play and prove on the field.

– Today you have rotated your squad. In particular, Artem Kholod, Nikita Peterman, Bogdan Vyunnik came out in the starting lineup. How would you characterize their game?

– Artem Kholod is taking his first steps in professional football. He needs to keep working and not hang his nose. In this case, everything will work out for him. As for the rest, the guys did not play the first half. Again, I repeat, everything lies in the field of psychology and self-confidence. The second half turned out to be different. I think the guys felt that they could play good football. Therefore, I will evaluate their game positively.

– What game can we expect on Saturday in the match against Dynamo?

– Interesting. We will prepare and tune in. The second half is encouraging.

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