The court ruled that Napoli can no longer play in shirts with the image of Maradona’s face. These are the results of the trial between the five children of Diego Maradona and his former manager Stefano Chechi.

According to La Repubblica, the club used four kits featuring Maradona’s “fingerprints” after his death, having acquired the rights to the image from entrepreneur Chechi months before the Argentine died in November 2020 of the year. The Maradona family went to court because they did not give consent to this, and the lawyers obtained a court ban on the distribution and use of the image in any form, including on T-shirts, and also demanded the arrest of the proceeds in the amount of 450 thousand euros.

The judge of the court of Naples, Paolo Andrea Vassallo, said that Chechi’s contract for 23 thousand euros with Napoli “damages generic expectations » of the Maradona children regarding the use of their father’s image, “the planetary symbol of football, recognized and recognizable throughout the world, whose economic value seems almost incalculable.” Maradona brought in a gross income of 900 thousand euros, while the former manager received 50 a percentage of the proceeds. An injunction was issued against him forfeiting 150 thousands of euros.

The ruling will not affect Napoli’s kit this season as none of the kits has images of Maradona.

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