England midfielder Declan Rice – about the performance of his team at the World Cup 2022.

“Other countries will look at our quality – and why shouldn’t they be afraid of us? If you look at our offensive potential, we have world class talent. We have players who have won the biggest trophies. We are not only here to be among the 16 best, we want to go all the way.

What’s so good about our group of players is that we all support each other. Whoever our coach chooses for the starting lineup, everyone will cheer for each other. Now this is a real teamwork for us. The competition is really healthy and I will do my best to win the world championship. We all in the team pursue one goal.

Our mentality is fantastic right now. We have players who have won trophies year in and year out and they are the ones who carried that attitude to the national team. Gareth Southgate emphasizes that we are as big as any other team at the World Cup and we can achieve anything.”


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